Top ten things that happened this month – October

  1. Going out to my favourite restaurant in Sheffield for my Mum’s birthday – Vero Gusto
  2. Going on my second course at Nama Foods – fermentation
  3. Launching my .com website (which your’re on now)
  4. Going to see Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall talk about his new book and ways to prevent waste
  5. Meeting my friend Holly for a good old catch up and natter
  6. Dad getting a new job!
  7. Getting a trial shift at one of my favourite cafes!!
  8. Going on two more courses at Nama – raw cake making and raw pastry!
  9. Meeting Celine and Gemma at the Mae Deli for tea and having the best chat and food!
  10. Spending four whole days in London and visiting all the foodie spots and feeling right in my element!

Leitchy xx

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