Top ten things that happened this month – September

  1. I started working at Slaaw, a healthy pop up cafe
  2. Feeling more motivated than ever and feeling like I’m finally getting somewhere!
  3. Going out for a baked eggs brunch with my mum at Forge Bakehouse
  4. Going on my first raw aspiring chef course at Nama on my own and talking to fellow foodies
  5. Going to London for the weekend to all the foodie spots especially Farmacy – you must try their ice cream sunday!
  6. Going to Livia’s afternoon tea and meeting Celine and Gemma as well as eating lots of yummy food! The scones were incredible!!!
  7. Talking to Livia and feeling comfortable talking about myself and how supportive she was, such a lovely person
  8. Jasmine Hemsley following me on Instagram! One of my biggest inspirations!!
  9. My stomach being as healthy as ever and having no problems! Finding what works for me and feeling positive. I am now able to have three meals and three snacks with ease. I finally have my appetite back!!
  10. Going out for my Grandmas 80th and being round the family! Plus having a steak and having no digestive problems!!

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