Top ten things that happened this month – July

  1. Getting sent my first load of free products – Thank-you ever so much Raw Gorilla and The Collective!
  2. Sending off all my proposals for my book one to literary agents
  3. Going pot painting and have a good old catch up with my best friend
  4. Experimenting with cooking more, no longer using the scales, and just being more free with the way I cook
  5. Realising I want to move and explore and experience new things in this world
  6. Weirdly, my Dad losing his job..
  7. My stomach improving every day and no longer having to deal with bloating and pains as much
  8. Realising which foods trigger my IBS and learning how to food combine. As a result I have stopped taking both of my IBS medications which I am chuffed about
  9. Getting my own little desk space/office to do all the things I love in one place
  10. Going out for delicious posh Italian food with my Dad


Leitchy xx

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