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Rhythm 108 part 2 review…

As promised, heres part two of my rhythm 108 review! For part one, click here. I’ve also included a fab cupcake recipe and I’ve talked all about Rhythm, who they are and what they’re about! And to here about their biscuits and dessert bars, click on the links!

So let’s get to it.

Remember these are ‘live’ reviews, so I’ve written them as I’ve nibbled and they’re all my first thoughts and views.

Coconut cookie…

It actually tastes like a coconut macaroon! So chewy, coconuty, comforting, caramely and cosy! It’s crumbly like a biscuit with that macaroon like texture! You can taste and feel the desiccated coconut but not in a dry way! It’s still moist and chewy like a cookie but it’s got the taste of a macaroon! So so good! It looks like a biscuit which I love! Oooooh I know what the texture reminds me of!!! A hobnob! It’s got that chewy, crumbly oat thing going on! These are the perfect afternoon pick me up! Comforting sweet, not so sweet you get that horrible taste in your mouth, just the right amount! I love how they’re smaller so that you can you can have a handful and feel like your eating loads but really it’s just one portion! I want to try these crumbled on porridge as a replacement for granola as they’re low in sugar and have a granola like feel to them! I bet they’d be yummy crumbled over smoothies and maybe even like a sweet and savoury coconut Thai curry instead of toasted nuts! Weird but I bet it would work! I love these as they are though but they do liven up a cuppa and taste magical with almond butter/cashew and a zest of a lemon! Baking wise, I bet they’d be good crumbled on top of a lemon drizzle or with raspberries or strawberries, maybe on a Victoria sponge or an epic pancake stack!!

Lemon chia cookie…

Well I new i’d love this one! Sweet comforting caramel lemon with crunch from the chia seeds! Perfect! This one is the most biscuity of the four with its look and crunchy texture! Very much like a ginger thin! I’m pleasantly surprised with the chia seeds as normally I avoid snacks with chia seeds in as they tend to get stuck in your teeth and feel like you’re eating grit but this doesn’t have this experience at all!!! I love that crumble snap when you bite into them! Like I said in the lemon biscuit review, these biscuits bring back so many memories of my childhood, Grandma and Auntie as they taste just like the biscuits I used to make from this cookbook my Auntie got me for my birthday when I was little and I used to make them and bring them into school for my friends and also take them to my grandmas! The lemon with subtle ginger gives a lovely cosy warmth and comfort to the biscuit which just adds to the memory of family and coziness whilst I ate them with them! It’s not a tart or sour lemon is a comforting lemon drizzle lemon! The best kind of lemon!!! Just a handful of ingredients to make a incredible biscuit, baffles me! And again, you wouldn’t even question this was healthy! Baking wise,  it would be amazing in and on lemon drizzle cake and muffins! In and on a lemon bircher! With berries and yoghurt! And in ice cream sundaes! Ummumm! Now time to go gobble up the bag!

Sum up…

So I have no complaints and I’m not just saying it to be nice! I actually, genuinely love these biscuits so much!! My favourite has to be the double chocolate cookie! I must admit, I thought this would be my least but its so so good! The crumble with the chocolate chunks. ummummm! Then I can’t decide between the lemon chia as It brings me comfort but I do prefer the biscuit packs without the chia or the coconut cookie. Then almond biscotti last, not because I didn’t like it! I just preferred the texture an overall taste of the others as this one was a little more soft. but again not in bad way!!! They were all crazy good!!

Pricing, stockists and bibs and bobs…

So the big share bags RRP are £2.99 for a 160g bag that contains 20 x 8g biscuits. Such a bargain for what you get and they’re normally on offer which makes them even more of a steal.

They’re stocked at – BP Petrol stations, Planet organic, some WHSmiths, Lakeland PLC, As nature intended, Revital health stores, other independent health food shops.

Dietary – Gluten free, Dairy free, Refined sugar free, Source of fibre and Handmade.

So go get your self to the shops and stock up on these! I’ve gone through four bags in two weeks.. and I haven’t shared hahah! They’re that good! I need to stock back up actually!!


So because I just can’t get enough of these biscuits and I’ve been wanting to recreate rocky road for ages but I thought it just wouldn’t quite cut it without both biscuits and marshmallows! I thought now I’d found the perfect free from biscuit, I’d give it a shot. Blimey It worked a treat! Actually thats an understatement, it’s probably my new favourite treat recipe and I promise you, you won’t miss the original! Plus I think its better as I never really liked marshmallows… This chunk or slab of rocky road goodness cuts into nice thick mega bites which you just won’t be able to resist! It keeps at room temperature but if you have a hot house, keep them in the fridge in an airtight container.

Enjoy xx

Ingredients – cuts into 24

250g cacao butter

150g coconut sugar

150g cacao powder

35g original peanut butter

90g deep roast peanut butter or original or almond butter

200g cashew butter

165g raisins

50g pecans

30g pistachios

25g dessicated coconut

15g cacao nibs

170g almond biscuits – I used rhythm 108, roughly chopped

80g chocolate biscuits – I used rhythm 108, roughly chopped


Pop the cacao butter, coconut sugar, cacao powder and nut butters in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water and leave to do its thing, stirring now and then until melted and smooth.

Remove from the heat and pour the mix into a large mixing bowl.

Stir through the rest of the ingredients.

Line a square tin with parchment.

Pour the rocky road into the tin and then pop in the freezer to set for 1 hour.

Remove from the freezer.

Use a sharp knife cut into chunks.

Enjoy xx

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