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Good morning/evening/afternoon/night or whatever time of day it may be whilst you are reading this! Good news! My laptop is on its way to been fixed and I now have enough memory to start editing on photoshop again and I mean, how much better do my photographs look?? and I’m not an amazing editor.. all I do is auto enhance and mess about with the levels.. pretty embarrassing really as I did A Level photography but hey ho! So now my photos can be edited again properly, I’m going to obviously be posting more photos again! As you’ve probably already guessed by the six on this post.. too much?? or just enough?! Hmmm, I guess that answer will vary depending on preference! But for me, the more the better! That way I know you guys will definitely try my recipe because I’ve persuaded you with multiple delicious pictures, from different angles just to make you drool more and more the further you scroll down the page!


So lets explain why my almonds are in a sieve! Well a tea strainer..

As you know from my butternut for breakfast blog post (if not click here) I’ve had multiple issues with my stomach and have recently been doing a whole lot of researching and experimenting to find different methods, ways of eating to help cure my poorly digestion, more naturally.

One of the things I found was to soak nuts! Which explains the mini sieve/tea strainer! You don’t want to be washing a big sieve every time you want some nuts/seeds do you?! So, nuts, seeds and you probably already have heard pulses, grains, legumes and pseudo cereals (quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth) have a natural protective layer of phytic acid that irritates the gut lining (not what I need). By soaking these for around 8 hours (cashews 3 hours) you remove as much phytic acid as possible making them easier to digest and essential minerals and nutrients can now be absorbed by the body. Plus it makes them easier to chew and prevents little nuts and seeds getting stuck in your teeth! Anyone else have that problem?? Especially almonds, don’t get me started with almonds! It also makes them easier to blend into smoothies and nut milks! If you like your nuts crispy, you can dehydrate them or toast them in a pan! Yeah it takes a little longer but if you get into a routine of soaking before you go to bed, it literally takes two minutes and you’ll benefit loads in the long run! Especially if you’re like me and like to put nuts and seeds on pretty much everything! If you want you can soak in batches and then drain after 8 hours, cover and pop in the fridge and they’ll keep for 3 days.

So go buy your self a tea strainer and get soaking!


Now lets talk porridge – and not just any porridge.. oh no my friends, Victoria Sponge porridge! This all came about the other day when me and my Dad were sat in a very boring talk about stress and we were playing noughts and crosses and communicating through little notes on my notepad.. as you do! Anyway, we got on to porridge and our favourite cakes and desserts and then started to come up with porridge versions of our favourite sweets! My Dads favourite all time cake is Victoria Sponge and since he’s trying to get healthy, I thought I’d make a healthy alternative of one of his favourite treats and in my favourite form, porridge! Oh and just to let you know, he loved it! And I’m not just saying that to persuade you to make it.. it’s honestly delicious! Yeah ok, it’s not cake.. but hey it’s a pretty tasty and truly healthy and nourishing alternative! Plus you can eat it for breakfast without feeling guilty.. (except you should never feel guilty! If you’re going to eat something unhealthy you may as well enjoy it or your mind and gut aren’t going to let it digest well! We all deserve cake for breakfast sometimes and food should never be associated with guilt) But on that note, we’ll leave cake for breakfast for special weekends and birthdays!

Instead we’ll enjoy porridge inspired by cake!

Oh and heads up, there are many more dessert and cake inspired porridges to come…


Ingredients – Makes 1 portion

1/2 cup of quinoa flakes – feel free to use buckwheat or oats but bear in mind quinoa and buckwheat are easy to digest.

1 cup almond milk

1/2 tsp raw vanilla powder – extract will work too

1 tbsp pure maple syrup

4 heaped tsp of yoghurt – I use the Collective Straight Up Yoghurt

2 heaped tsp of my homemade chia jam – see recipe below

6 large raspberries

a handful of almonds, chopped and preferably soaked overnight

2 large pinches of desiccated coconut – I use Daylesford farm


Place the quinoa flakes, milk and vanilla powder into a small pan.

Place over a low to medium heat, stirring constantly until thickened.

Stir through the maple syrup and pour into a bowl.

Dollop on the yogurt and chia jam! Theres no restrictions, the more the better in my opinion!

Arrange the raspberries and scatter over the chopped almonds.

Sprinkle with coconut to finish and to give it that whole Victoria Sponge icing sugar vibe!

Get stuck in! xx

Chia jam – 

1 tbsp chia seeds

125g strawberries/raspberries

1/2 tbsp raw pure honey


Place the berries in a blender and blend until smooth. Add a splash of water to help if needed.

Add the honey and chia seeds and blend until combined.

Pour into a little jar/bowl and pop in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight to thicken up.

Lasts for around a week but it will be gone long before then…


Leitchy xx






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