Vita Coconut Water

Peach and Mango

Its funny I’m writing this as I’m drinking it and I was about to say it’s more mango than peach but then I took another sip and it’s pretty peachy too! If you’re like me and prefer coconut water in something like a smoothie rather than drinking it on it’s own, you’ll like this. It takes the edge off the coconut milky taste and adds a subtle, delicious still more mango and peach vibe. Out of the two tropical fruit flavours, I prefer the pineapple as it reminds me of pina colada but it’s still yummy and incredibly refreshing! Also pineapple is one of my favourite fruits so.. Perfect post workout or sat in the hot sun. I say hot sun.. I imagine it would be nice.. I haven’t got the privilege to test that with ease as I live in England but you know.. I can presume!  What I also love about this brand is that they contain exactly what they say. For example this one contains coconut water, peach and mango and thats it! And they’re not flavourings, they’re purees too which I love as you are getting the natural flavour! I also like how there are no added sugars/sweeteners so you know you are hydrating your body with something nutritious and delicious!



It actually tastes like those fudge brownie or dairy milk cold cartons you can get but healthy! They were my favourite Friday treat when I was younger! So basically it’s amazing! I must have polished off the carton within a matter of seconds… I have no shame! There’s healthy alternatives to everything people! It’s not too bitter and not too sweet! And, and and it’s not bitty or grainy! Smooth and silky! It’s perfect! I wonder what it would taste like warm? Amazing! You wouldn’t know this was healthy! It tastes like the real thing people! No guilt, just pure indulgence! This could become my not so guilty pleasure… I actually have nothing bad to say about this carton of beauty! My favourite!!



You can’t go wrong with this one! It tastes like a virgin pina colada! And who’d say no to a virgin pina colada?!? Or any pina colada for that matter?!?! Better still, a healthy pina colada! Now you’re talking eh? Oh and for this one I can actually say it tastes good on a hot day, sat on a sun lounger on a beach because I’ve actually trialled it out and I experienced it for you guys! And it was the real deal and was pretty perfect as you can imagine! I just keep coming back to this little carton of goodness! Three simple ingredients! Can you guess em? Pineapple, coconut purée and coconut milk! So it’s all healthy and all delicious! I mean I kind of knew it was going to be good before I’d tried it but just to reassure you! It’s fandabbydosey and it’s definitely my favourite summer drink! Joint best with chocolate because that’s my favourite indulgent drink! So yeah, go grab yourself a carton of this refreshing carton of goodness when you have the chance.


If you like lemons you’ll like this. I mean the sour kind! If you like sour things, you’ll like this too! It’s refreshing! Strong but thirst quenching! It’s my least favourite out of all the flavours but that doesn’t mean to say it’s not nice! It doesn’t taste like soap, whereas some lemon/citrus flavoured things tend to taste like washing-up liquid but this doesn’t! It has a very subtle coconut taste but it’s there! So yeah! I wouldn’t buy it again as I’m more of a tropical or chocolate kind of girl but if you like lemon cordial or cloudy lemon drinks which have quite a strong lemon flavour that tastes real, then this is a great healthy swap!



I mean of course I was going to like this if I like all the others! I like to use this in my smoothies and acai bowls as it gives it an extra creamy and coconut taste which is a nice change from milk or water! I’ve also tried it in overnight oats and porridge and it’s incredible! Again really creamy and gives it that tropical vibe! 100 % pure, natural and no added extras! Can’t go wrong really can you?

So guys! There you have it, another product review! Hope you found it useful and I hope that I’ve persuaded you to try out some new healthy drink alternatives this summer!

See you soon!

Leitchy xx

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